arcoiris blog Release Notes

Release 2.21.0 (13 Feb 2021)

New overview page shows pictures of all days.
E-mail notification on new answers for comments.
Share link to single blog picture.
Waypoint support for GPX viewer.

Release 2.20.0 (8 Feb 2019)

Fullscreen mode for Google Maps.
Backlink from picture on Google Maps to blog entry.
Publish new entries of a single day.
Notification for unseen comments, jump to first unseen comment.
Search result picture preview.
Advanced offline functions for Android blog client.

Release 2.19.0 (30 Jan 2018)

New function for visitor and comment statistics.
Filetype-specific icons for attachments.

Release 2.18.2 (21 Jan 2018)

Days with blog entries are now highlighted in the calendar.

Release 2.18.1b (04 Jan 2018)

Bugfix for saving meta information of new users.
Bugfix for the move operation.

Release 2.18.1 (30 Dec 2017)

Complete redesign of the geotrack viewer.

Release 2.18.0 (29 Dec 2017)

New function for attaching files.
Geotrack-Viewer for attached GPX files.
New mode for slow network connections.
Move blog entries to selected target position.
Many other small improvements.
Google Maps API key is required now.

Android Blog client:

Release 2.17.1 (21 July 2017)

A Google maps API key is required now.

Release 2.17.0 (12 July 2017)

There is an optional new sort order for the blog days. The diary sort order starts with the oldest entry and ends with the newest.

New paging controls allow to go to the first and the last page.

Release 2.16.5 (05 Feb Jan 2017)

Selecting a day before the oldest blog entry in the calendar now shows the oldest entry instead of an empty page.

Release 2.16.4 (27 Jan 2017)

External links can be embedded in blog text now.

Release 2.16.3 (24 Jan 2017)

Disk quota usage window refactored.

Fix for a small bug in broadcast e-mail form.

Release 2.16.2 (21 Jan 2017)

e-mail notification about new comments.

Release 2.16.1 (15 Jan 2017)

Blog user can change the language now.

Multi language support for the Calendar.

Release 2.16.0c (14 Jan 2017)

Some small bugfixes.

Initial release 2.16.0 (10 Jan 2017)

This is the first release of the blog as standalone application. Former releases were part of the WebFileSys project ( The blog module has been extracted and got a new name: arcoiris. So it is possible now to install the blog without doing so with the bulky WebFileSys application.

There are also some improvements in functionality and stability of the WebApp and the Android blog client over the previous release.