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arcoiris blog

New in Release 2.21.0 (13 Feb 2021)

New overview page shows thumbnails of all blog pictures of all days.
E-mail notification on new answers for comments.
Share link to single blog picture.
Waypoint support for GPX viewer.


Android client app

The app for Android allows to post blog entries directly from a Smartphone or tablet. The pictures are being scaled down to blog size before they are transferred to the arcoiris blog server thus reducing the amount of data being sent. In offline mode new blog entries are stored on the mobile device and can be sent to the server when a network connection becomes available.


arcoiris blog ist distributed under the GPL 3.0 license.

Additional license restriction: The link "about arcoiris blog" on the login screen, which shows an info window linking to the arcoiris homepage, must not be removed!

Included Software from other authors

The MediaUtil framework (http://mediachest.sourceforge.net/mediautil) written by Dmitriy Rogatkin and Suresh Mahalingam is used for lossless JPEG image transformation.

A library from Drew Noakes called ExifExtractor is used to extract EXIF data from digicam pictures.

XML and XSLT libraries from the Apache projects Xerces and Xalan are used.

A PNG encoder written by J. David Eisenberg (KeyPoint Software) is used for image transformation.

A Javascript calendar from Matt Kruse is used for the date selection.

Browsers that do not support XSLT or have no Javascript interface to the XSLT engine are using the Google Javascript XSLT library ajaxslt for partial page rendering.

arcoiris blog uses the Google Maps API to select and display geographic locations.

The icon font from Font Awesome (http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome) is included.

Contact the author

If you find a bug or have suggestions for improvements please contact the author at frank_hoehnel@hotmail.com .